Wanderers Join Pure Ionic Water™’s Elite Partnership Program

Bolton Wanderers are pleased to announce the club has joined Pure Ionic Water™’s Elite Sports Partnership Program.

Pure Ionic Water™ is a product developed by WET (Water Enhancing Technologies) that delivers the very best ionic refreshment for players to gain an edge physically and mentally at elite level – and Bolton Wanderers has become the first team to officially join the Pure Ionic Water™ Elite Sports Program.

The Elite Sports Program has two main aims - to provide the very best ionic mineral water for the team, support staff and training facilities and to also reduce plastic usage for the benefit of the environment.

When you turn on the tap, Pure Ionic Water™ delivers refreshment for peak health and performance. The water eliminates microplastics, PMAS (forever chemicals), hormones, bacteria and any other contaminants whilst adding antioxidants, electrolytes and so much more to aid mineral refreshment rehydration.

Strengthening synergies in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability, Bolton Wanderers will also be joining the Water Smart Foundation’s #BigBillionBottleBattle. The initiative will see Pure Ionic Water™ working with environmental and elite partners removing a billion single-use plastic bottles from the environment.

Michael Adams (CEO WET Group) commented: “Bolton Wanderers were visionary when they realised how our pure ionic water can elevate the team in 2006 and were the first Elite Sports club to phase out single use plastic at their training ground.

“The present team and Directors are now stepping up that commitment and are at the forefront of a fantastic initiative to reduce single use plastic with the Pure Ionic Water - Bolton Wanderers system, now available for supporter’s homes. I very much look forward to our future and the ongoing partnership.”

Pure Ionic Water™ is also releasing an at-home system for Wanderers fans through the PureIonicWater.com website, where they can sign up for the water subscription monthly or yearly.

Featuring the club’s crest, the system sits under the sink in your kitchen and enhances home tap water into the same nutritionally exceptional, microplastic, PMAS and hormone free water that the players enjoy.

10% of the proceeds of every at-home system purchased will also be donated to Bolton Wanderers in the Community, the club’s official charity.  

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