100 Laps Of The Toughsheet Stadium For Charity!

Wanderers fan and running fanatic Sarah Walton is putting herself through a daunting challenge to raise money for Bolton Wanderers in the Community.

Sarah, who has been a Wanderers supporter from the age of eight, will be attempting to run around the Toughsheet Community Stadium for 33 miles without stopping.

And her reason for picking that distance is a touching one for everyone connected with the Football Club.

“I’m going to be planning on running around the stadium for 33 miles none stop. I’ve chosen 33 miles in memory of the 33 lives which were lost in the Burnden Disaster in 1946.

“I want to make a difference and help raise money for Bolton Wanderers in the Community to support other people.”

For any Wanderers supporters who have taken a walk around the outside of the Toughsheet Community Stadium, they’ll know that it’s not exactly a short walk.

After taking that walk herself, Sarah is as determined as ever to overcome the challenge.

“I’ve had a walk around the stadium, and I thought ‘Oh wow!’. Three laps equate to one mile so I’m aiming for 100 laps but as long as I see 33 miles on my watch at the end, I’ll be happy.

“Around eight hours is my target but anything around that will be good for me. I’ll be starting at 6am in the morning on Wednesday 9th of August, which pays respect to the Burnden Disaster which was on the 9th.”

Despite enjoying keeping her fitness high, Sarah has had some health hurdles to overcome in recent years but as the selfless person that she is, she’s working hard to be on top of her game for the good of the community.

“I’m a triathlon coach and a dance instructor so I have run some marathons in the past but I had to stop in 2019 due to my health so I had to have a few operations since which has took a massive toll on me.

“My grandad was at the match when the Burnden Disaster happened, and I have been a Bolton fan since I was eight years old with all my family supporting Bolton too. They are my main reasons for wanting to do this, as well as helping Bolton Wanderers in the Community and to inspire other people.

“Everyone I see I’m handing out sponsor forms to! Any support means so much and if you’d like to donate then it would mean the world.”

Sarah will be commencing her challenge on Wednesday 9th August and is hoping to raise as much money as possible before the run.

If you would like to support and sponsor Sarah on her quest to raise vital funds, please click here to donate to the cause!

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