Evatt | It Wasn't Good Enough

Ian Evatt

Ian Evatt gave his honest assessment of Wanderers’ defeat at home to Wigan Athletic on Saturday afternoon.

“It’s not good enough. Very poor. I don’t think we gave ourselves the opportunity at any point to win the game.

“We conceded a really poor set play to start with which really rocked us and we didn’t recover. So far this season we’ve had it all our own way and today we were asked questions for which we didn’t come up with the right answers.”

It was a result many wouldn’t have expected given Wanderers’ impressive start to the campaign and the boss says that the performance didn’t hit the standards previously set by his side.

“It’s not acceptable and not to the level we’ve been at. It was well below our standards. We’re all going to hurt this weekend but hopefully we can recover from this and use it as an inspiration and a springboard to mount another run.

“It was a game where we lost out on every moment. Every time we looked like we could get back into it, we lost out on another moment or concede another goal. I believe you make your own luck in football and today we didn’t do enough to earn the luck or a result.

“The main thing we didn’t do was the basics. We’re an exciting team and aesthetically pleasing as well at times but we didn’t win enough duels, second balls or transitions. I think that was the difference in the game."

As ever in football, there is a chance for the Whites’ to respond positively from defeat when they make the trip to Burton Albion next weekend.

"All along we’ve been asked questions here and rightly so and today that isn’t acceptable in any way, shape or form. That’s not our standard but we can do is react and react in a positive way and get our fans back on side with us.

“We need to lift ourselves off the canvas and go again. I’m sure we will.”

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