Lifetime Ban For Pitch Invader

Toughsheet Community Stadium

A supporter who invaded the pitch during Wanderers’ Sky Bet League One fixture against Peterborough United on Saturday has received a lifetime ban from the Toughsheet Community Stadium.

Jack Conway of Ramsbottom ran onto the pitch in the final minutes of the game, forcing the referee to halt play.

Neil Hart, Chief Executive Officer at Bolton Wanderers said: “Entering the pitch at any time is a criminal offence and as a Club, we take a zero-tolerance approach to supporters who behave in a way that embarrasses and disrespects our Club, our players, our staff and fellow Wanderers’ supporters.

“Mr Conway may also be punished by the courts but regardless of this, he will never enter the Toughsheet Community Stadium again and we will continue to act strongly against all forms of anti-social behaviour.

“As ever, we extend our thanks and appreciation to the majority of fans who continue to show their loyal and valued support for Bolton Wanderers in a positive, passionate and respectful way.”

Bolton Wanderers will continue to take a zero-tolerance approach to all forms of anti-social behaviour, including pitch invasions, using pyrotechnics, taking drugs to games, throwing objects or for discriminatory abuse, and will issue strong sanctions against anyone found to have committed such an offence.

If you ever experience or witness any of the above during a matchday at Bolton Wanderers, please report the incident via TEXT or WhatsApp to our dedicated One Wanderers number: 07542 850 902.

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