Over £4.5 million Invested In Wanderers Bond

Wanderers Bond

Bolton Wanderers are delighted to confirm that the Wanderers Bond attracted investment of just over £4.5 million.

Launched in May – in conjunction with Tifosy Capital and Advisory – the Bond’s investment period closed in the middle of last month with a total of 981 investors taking advantage of the scheme.

Wanderers’ Chief Executive Officer, Neil Hart, said: “The Bond scheme has been a terrific success and we would like to thank everyone who has taken the opportunity to invest and back the club in this way.

TS Stadium
Neil Hart, CEO
“To generate just in excess of £4.5 million is an amazing level of investment and will allow us to further support the playing side of the club and carry out important infrastructure projects at the stadium and training ground."

“We will provide an update on those works in due course, as well making contact ahead of the new season with all Bondholders to underline the privileges and benefits they will now receive as a result of their commitment.

“We are grateful to so many supporters and new investors for backing the club in this way and joining us on this journey, on and off the pitch, Bolton Wanderers are on.”

As well as helping fund improvements across the club, aimed at aiding playing performance, increase revenue streams and enhance supporter experience, Bondholders will benefit from 8.5% interest per annum payable on the anniversary of the Bond.

A 10% Championship Bonus is also payable upon the Club competing in the EFL Championship from the 2024/25 season.

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