Wanderers forge new partnership with Former Players' Association

TS Stadium

Wanderers are delighted to announce a new partnership with the Bolton Wanderers Former Players’ Association.

The agreement will see a closer link forged again between the Club and former players, to recognise their contribution to the Whites and establish an improved working relationship.

Wanderers will host Association fund-raising and social events at the Toughsheet Community Stadium and the former players will have a greater presence at the Club on matchdays. Past players will be invited to attend the Fan Zone and corporate lounges to meet supporters, sponsors and corporate guests.

Some may also feature as co-commentators on the new match-day coverage on Wanderers TV and the partnership, agreed ahead of the 2023/24 season, has been welcomed by all parties.

FPA President and former Wanderers’ striking legend John McGinlay said: “It’s paramount really in what the Club’s trying to do.

The ex-players want to be involved and who wouldn’t be, the way the Club’s going.
John McGinlay

"It’s good the Club is embracing the ex-players again. For a long time, the Club hasn’t done that. Since the new owners have come in, they’ve changed the philosophy of the Club and it’s for the good.”


The FPA meets monthly and currently operates with an eight-man committee with McGinlay as President and Albert Lord as secretary.

McGinlay believes the move will help strengthen the FPA’s role and as well as bringing the past players closer to the fans also, hopefully, add to the membership.

“Coming in and getting involved on match days is a big thing. As ex-players we all miss the involvement in and around the football club,” he added.

“The more we can bring in, not just for them, but for the supporters as well who want to see them can only be good.

“As a group we are trying to attract the younger players who have just finished. There are a lot of us who are older, and we want to try and freshen it up and get some younger ones active as well.”

Wanderers Chief Executive Officer, Neil Hart, has met regularly with the FPA to agree to the new partnership. He said: “We are delighted to be working so closely again with the Former Players’ Association.

“This is going to be a genuine partnership to bring valued former players together with the Club, supporters, sponsors, and hospitality guests.

“We set great store in the proud history of this club and want to embrace and make the players who have contributed so much to it welcome.

“We want them to be a part of the modern-day Wanderers and look forward to a closer relationship in working together on match days and other events throughout the year to help strengthen and support the Association and enhance links between them and the supporters.”

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