Wanderers Increase Visitor Safety

Toughsheet Community Stadium

Wanderers have taken further steps to help protect the safety of visitors to the Toughsheet Community Stadium and surrounding amenities. 

In the unlikely event of a major medical incident occurring at the stadium, Mass Casualty Packs (MCP) have now been installed at four locations inside the ground. 

One of just three clubs in the Northwest to now house the packs, the intention is for the resource to not only be available on match days but also to the wider community on non-matchdays, including locations such as Horwich Parkway train station and Middlebrook Retail Park. 

Four packs including equipment for the treatment of injuries have been placed strategically throughout the stadium and specially trained persons will be responsible for their security and distribution. 


Phil Mason, Chief Operating Officer at Bolton Wanderers said: “Though not a pleasant topic to consider, we are proud to have taken action to provide the utmost protection for visitors to both Bolton Wanderers and to locations neighbouring our stadium.

“MCP are now a recommendation at sites such as the Toughsheet Community Stadium following tragic events such as the 7/7 London bombings and the Manchester Arena attack. We take stadium safety very seriously and so this felt like an appropriate and sensible measure to put in place.”

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