Bolton Wanderers FC Charity Policy


A key aspect of Bolton Wanderer’s ongoing commitment to its corporate social responsibility (CSR) is its work with and support for, a wide range of charities and organisations across the spectrum of causes.

At the heart of the Charity Policy is BWFC’s commitment to Bolton and the support of the community strategy of Bolton, to improve the lives of those living and working in the town.

 In our capacity as a member of the English Football League, and as part of a worldwide recognised brand, through this policy we are committed to using that brand effectively to support the raising of money and bring greater awareness of the needs of others.


Charities Support 

Our main Charity for each year is the Bolton Wanderer’s Community Trust (BWCT).

The BWCT is a charity in its own right that engages with the local community through its programmes and activities and is committed to use sport and positive activity to narrow the gap of disadvantage and to encourage those it engages with to realize their potential. 

Each year BWFC will also adopt a local and national charity with a Bolton link drawn from a nominations process.

Each nominated charity will then work in partnership with BWCT for a year, to maximize opportunities, raise awareness and funds, to the benefit of all the parties.

Nomination Process 

For nominations, charities involving children and young people, issues of poverty, ethnicity and challenging illnesses will be considered.

International charities will also be supported at the discretion of the charity committee during times of crisis or disaster.

Charity Associates

In addition to the yearlong Charity partnership Up to 3 of local charities each year will be offered a package of BWFC merchandise in order to help them in their fundraising throughout the year.


Requests regarding difficult or tragic personal circumstances will be considered by the charity committee and an appropriate response made on behalf of the Club.

Additional Support for Charities

Any requests made in writing on letter headed paper for local charities, schools, community groups, etc. will be considered throughout the year. Such groups will be offered the opportunity to purchase signed goods (shirt, ball or pennant) to use for their own purposes in fundraising for their cause.

Regrettably due to the high volume of letters received on a weekly basis we will be unable to respond to generic requests from National charities or charities outside our local area in order to ensure our resources are available to local charities.

Yearlong Partnership Packages on offer to the nominated Charities


  • To work in partnership with BWCT
  • A Dedicated Match Day Game
  • Match Day Programme Space
  • Assistance with advertising and promoting their dedicated Game
  • A number of Match Day Tickets
  • LED / Screen Big Promotion
  • A Pre Match Pitch side Picture
  • A signed Shirt to use for fundraising
  • A Player Appearance at one agreed event in the year
  • Collection Envelopes in Corporate areas (Gift Aid)
  • A Match Day Bucket Collection
  • An opportunity to put an event together in partnership with BWFC and the BWCT


  • As above
  • A sponsored Match Day Box 

Associate Local Charities:

  • A Signed ball or shirt
  • Dedicated Match day Game
  • A number of vouchers for match day tickets

Process for Submissions:

All applications must be submitted on line each year by the end of June.

The Charity committee will meet to considered all the applications and draw together a short list.

The short list will then be circulated in order for supporters, staff and players to make the final decision. Local media will be engaged in order to help facilitate this process.

The nominated charities will then be appointed for the season.

Awareness and Official Days

Each year the charity committee will consider the number of awareness and official days that the Club supports including those attributed to Bolton, the PFA & English Football League and international awareness days. These will on occasions also include player appearances.

Player Appearances

BWFC are committed to supporting local groups and charities with player appearances.

Requests for player appearances will be managed by the Communications team.

Charitable Donation Requests

Bolton Wanderers assist as many local charities and events as possible within the Bolton and surrounding areas.  

ALL requests must be sent either on an official letterhead from the charity or association.  If you are an individual or company raising funds on behalf of a charity we would need a copy of the authorisation letter you will have received. Requests not received in this format cannot be processed.

Due to volume of enquiries we will not be able to assist every request we receive.  Therefore we can offer charities the chance to purchase items for their good causes at a reduced charity rate.  To qualify for these we will still need to see authorisation from the named charity.  The costs are as follows: Signed Pennant - £15 RRP £30

Signed Football - £30 RRP £50

Signed Shirt - £55 RRP £90

Finally in respect of UK wide charity days for example Comic Relief, Children In Need, Sports Relief the Football Club host their own money raising events on these days and therefore will not be making any additional donations.  

To submit a Charitable Donation Request please email or post your request to:- 

Charity Donation Requests (A Bell)

Bolton Wanderers FC, University of Bolton Stadium

Burnden Way, Lostock, Bolton, BL6 6JW


Internal Fundraising

Each year the staff will carry out their own fundraising for up to 2 charities per year as nominated by the Employee’s Forum. The official nominated charities of the club will be considered in this number.

In addition support will be given to individual members of staff who fundraise for particular charities close to them by doing some activity on behalf of their chosen charity.

Payroll Giving

As a club we encourage staff to give to charity. There is the facility for staff to give to a charity of their choice or one of the nominated club charities via payroll giving.


The opportunity to hold events at the University of Bolton Stadium is also available should a charity be able to fulfil all Health and Safety as legally stipulated. The club offers the venue subject to the Charity adhering to strict club guidelines prepared for by our facilities department.

All requests of this nature will be considered by the Charity Committee.

Charity Committee

The charity committee will be made up of representatives from across the Club and Community Trust.

The Committee will meet at least four times per year and at other time as required due to demand and or circumstances.

Policy Report & Review

The Charity Committee will compile an annual review of the season that will form part of the CSR Report of the Club’s activities. This policy will be reviewed on an annual basis.

Charity Committee contact 

Jonathan Mills email: 

Bolton Wanderers Community Trust

Toughsheet Community Stadium

Burnden Way, Lostock, Bolton BL6 6JW