Executive Boxes

Exec Box

Executive Boxes

Situated in the West Stand, sponsored by Bolton Kia and the Nat Lofthouse East Stand sponsored by Eventura.

Intimate and exclusive, our Executive Boxes offer the chance to take in the delights of a matchday in your own private space with dedicated service throughout your stay.

With cushioned seating in a prime location, our Executive Boxes on both the East and West stands benefit from outstanding views of the famous Wanderers’ pitch.

A beautiful setting, attentive staff and all the thrills of live match action create a unique environment to entertain clients, friends and family.

  • Plated or buffet menu
  • Programme and teamsheet
  • Cushioned seats directly outside the box
  • Half-time refreshments
  • Full-time refreshments
  • Dedicated service throughout the day
  • Parking

Seasonal price: £17,200 + VAT (based on 10 guests with buffet food offering)


Seasonal price: £18,850 +VAT (based on 10 guests with plated food offering)

25% discount available for children under 12.


Our Executive Boxes are also available to book on a match by match basis at the following prices:

A Grade Buffet- £1100 + VAT (based on 10 guests)

B Grade Buffet- £1000 + VAT (based on 10 guests)

A Grade 3 Course - £1200 + VAT (based on 10 guests)

B Grade 3 Course – £1100 + VAT (based on 10 guests)

Executive boxes are also available for parties of 20. To book any of our Executive Boxes please contact our commercial team on 01204 673761 or sales@bwfc.co.uk, or you can book online here.

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