Privacy Policy

TS Stadium

Looking after your personal data is of a high priority to us as a lottery operator. Your personal information is an important part of our lottery operations.

The Information That We Hold

  • Lottery Agents names, addresses and telephone numbers.
  • Lottery Agents email addresses (optional).
  • Goldline and Agents commission receipts and payments (where applicable).
  • Goldline & Lifeline members names and addresses.
  • Goldline & Lifeline members telephone numbers (optional).
  • Goldline & lifeline members email addresses (optional).
  • Goldline & Lifeline bank details, if subscriptions are paid by standing order, limited to account number and bank sort code.
  • Goldline and Lifeline members lottery payment details and winning information.
  • We NEVER ask for debit or credit card numbers, but these can be held on file at the SPECIFIC REQUEST of the customer.
  • Golden Goal WINNERS names and addresses.

Why We Hold Your Data

As an Agent, your personal information is held for contact purposes as follows:

  • Collection of weekly subscriptons.
  • Contact re members enquiries.
  • Contact re any other lottery information regarding your agency.

As a participant of any of our lotteries your personal data is held for contact purposes as follows:

  • Collection of subscriptions.
  • Contact in the event of winning a prize.
  • Bank account details are held to prevent error and for the purposes of ensuring that members payments are credited to the correct membership.
  • Legal requirement to aid the prevention of fraud.
  • Audit purposes.

How We Protect Your Data

All computers and Tower Lotteries software are PCI compliant and have been updated to GDPR compliant.

All peronal data is held within the lottery system which is dual password protected.

We never pass your details on to any other person or any other third party for any purposes whatsoever.

We do however publish the names and addresses of our winners, as a legal requirement, on result sheets distributed to our members, the BWFC website, Bolton Wanderers Lotteries facebook and BWFC Lotteries Twitter. If you wish to opt out of publication of your address (please note that publication of your name is compulsory) please notify us at

Any other promotion of winners is strictly at the permission of the winner.  

All hard copy paper work is held in locked storage.

Social Media

If you choose to connect with us on Bolton Wanderers Lotteries facebook or BWFC Lotteries Twitter we will see the details that you have decided to share with that platform. Should you wish to change those settings please refer to your privacy settings.

Please contact us at at any time if you have any concerns regarding our Privacy Policy.